Turn your kid's artworks into dresses, t-shirts and more!

Send us a picture of your kid's artwork and we will send back your custom cut-and-sewn SPECIAL clothing, ready to wear! Their artwork will become delightful prints for dresses and t-shirts. 

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STEP 1 : Get the favorite artwork

We recommend getting the most recent artwork to surprise him/her even more


STEP 2 : Take a picture and upload the picture during the checkout

Check out the photo guidelines for the best result. We recommend daylight and high resolution camera/phone

How to take a clear photo


STEP 3 : Our artist will create print pattern from the artwork and we will make your special clothing from your artwork.

Before we print we will send you the print pattern and if you do not like the print pattern, you can cancel it

Little Artist

Creative Hero

Proud Mom

Super Daddy

Picture from little fingers

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